Portoferraio Elba Island Tuscany

Portoferraio Elba Island Tuscany

Portoferraio is the main town on Elba Island Tuscany. In our opinion one of the prettiest town on the island. Here you can find everything you need, from small grocery stores to bigger one.

You can visit both Napoleon’s museums — first one is located in the historical part of Portoferraio. It was Napoleon’s main place during his stay in exile. The other personal residence of the once emperor it is located pretty far away from Portoferraio, heading to Marina di Campo (on the west side of the island) you can find “Villa dei Mulini” the biggest Napoleon’s residence.

But what will attract you in Portoferraio it is probably its beaches, activities and historical places all together, something unique on the island due to Portoferraio’s history and geographical position on the island.

Portoferraio Elba Island Tuscany view from top of the town
A view form the top of the town

Another good point is that in Portoferraio you do not need a car. Let us be clear — you barely need a car in all Elba places but if you want enjoy hidden gems, unbeaten tracks and places where relax alone you definitely need a car!

Portoferraio has both beaches and historical places all around its small area. You can enjoy an entire day under the sun and get an idea of what was the life in town during XIX century thanks to local (small) museum. So the good reason to choose Portoferraio it is the way you can experience everything — just walking.

Not to mention the easier way to park your car. Since Portoferraio in Elba Island here in Tuscany is the main town here you can find several parking slots, so if you rented a house downtown you have different spots where leave your car easily. Please note that if you need help we are always here to reply to your answers.

Portoferraio Elba Island Tuscany fishermen
It is easy to see fishermen at work if you live in Portoferraio

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