Cortona on the move

Founded in 2011 by the Associazione Culturale ONTHEMOVE, the principal objective of Cortona On The Move is to spread and promote contemporary photography by bringing new creative talents and novel forms of visual communication to the forefront.

Under the artistic direction of Arianna Rinaldo, the festival provides a continuing exchange between field experts and a ceaseless search for work which represents the ongoing evolution of the photographic language, all showcased within the enchanting Etruscan hilltown of Cortona.

Cortona on the move is held every year from July to September with the aim of promoting new visions and original forms of visual communication.

Cortona on the Move has become a true experimental centre for the evolution of photography and is considered one of the key industry events in Italy for professional photographers, amateurs and enthusiasts.

Every year, the program includes previews of dozens of Italian and international exhibitions, staged throughout the historic centre of Cortona.

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