What is Elba Famous For?

What is Elba Famous For Napoleon

Well let’s start from the beginning — How do you get to Elba island? Because you know it might be a long trip to reach the island 🙂

Elba is famous for its beaches that you can enjoy basically all around the year. Pebble or sand make your choice. Here you can find our top pick, but there are plenty of sands to be explored 😛

Once you figured out what beach fits best for your tastes you are halfway to be satisfied since in Elba island there are different type of services in different beaches. You can find organised services like coffee shops on the beach and bathing facilities.

What is Elba Famous For Beaches Nature

Here Nature is a magic keyword — you can experience different outdoor activities such as snorkeling, diving, cycling, running and everything you can do outside or close to the sea!

What is Elba Famous For Cycling

So, answering to “What is Elba Famous For?” is not that simple as it could be if you think about all the activities you can do. We mentioned some previously so you can pick your favorite activity.

What is Elba famous for? Napoleon exile of course

We almost forget to mention one of the most used reason why people chose Elba — because it was Napoleon’s home for something like 10 months. Yep, the commander in chief , “Le Petit Caporal”, has been here. Actually he was forced to live here and he left two stunning villas. One for winter and the other one for his summer “siestas”.

You can find plenty of information about Napoleon’s villas in Elba, but please let us know if you want to book a guide for your staying or if you need more information about accommodation, ferry tickets, museums tickets.

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