Elba island best beaches

Elba island best beaches

We know that Elba island best beaches is one of the most asked question. There is always something to discover on the island, but you know there are some beaches that are must see. Let’s see our top pick! 

Elba island best sand beaches

Best sand beach: Cavoli

During summer Cavoli is one of the most crowded beach on the island. It is 5 kilometers (3 miles) away from Marina di Campo, on the south of Elba. This is a warm, comfortable beach due to its position and its services. Here you can find bar, restaurant, kiosk and everything you need to get tanned and relax. 

The best moment to go there is when wind comes from north.

Best sand beach: Biodola

Locals from Portoferraio town are used to go here. It is one of the nearest sand beaches if you stay in Elba main town but if you want to enhance your holiday check our apartment right on the beach “LA GINESTRA”

Best sand beach: Fetovaia

If you love sand beaches remember this one too on your bucket list! In Elba island you are free to pick your place wherever you want, in some of these Elba island best (sand) beaches you will find places where you can rent tools to improve your staying under the sun (i.e.: umbrella sun). 

It is your choice if you are a family, or a couple. Easy to find, comfortable enough for every kind of holiday. 

Pic by Roberto Ridi

Elba island best pebble beaches

Best pebble beach in Elba: Sansone

Please note: this is not an easy to access beach, so check carefully how to reach it before get stuck on the way 😀 

Anyway if you love snorkeling this is a must see, due to its crystal clear water and its white stones all the way along the beach. 

Best pebble beach in Elba: Capo Bianco

Literary means “White cape”. It is one of the most famous beaches for locals and it is definitely a must see! Giovanni is Capo Bianco beach keeper and he is a very kind person, thanks to him you can get fresh water, ice cream and fresh sodas. 


Best pebble beach in Elba: Ghiaie

It may seems odd but this is a great stop if you just came to Elba, this because Ghiaie it is right in front of Portoferraio’s harbour. Here you can find bar, restaurants, all services you need to keep your staying in relax. 

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