Why Elba island worth visiting

Elba is a small island in the Tuscan archipelago. It is part of Tuscany and even if it is not famous like Sicily or Sardinia, is kind of magnificent. It is lapped by pristine turquoise waters perfect to swim in during the summer.

Come Earlier — Avoid Crowds

Elba is mostly frequented by Tuscany residents and, if you want to avoid them too, book a trip in Spring or early Autumn to enjoy the silence. Being a spot off the beaten path has its (many) advantages. One of them is the lack of tourists. So if you want to enjoy great temperatures, few people, terrific sunsets by yourself Elba is your choice, but forget about August! 

Did you say Sports? 

Look no further. Sports enthusiasts need to know that Elba is the ideal location for them as well. Hiking, biking, kayaking, trekking, snorkeling. Everything you need to stay fit.  

Why Elba island worth visiting — Diving

Diving in Elba is one of the coolest things you can do; the water is some of the cleanest in Italy, and you can even snorkel to admire the colours, fish and natural views under water. One of the best places to go to dive is Formiche della Zanca, where caves and cavities give a rare and colourful spectacle of Mediterranean flora and fauna.

If you are keen on history we have something for you too. Elba is connected to Napoleon. He has been an extremely important character for the island, which still celebrates him and preserves his major works, such as villas, theatres, museums and houses. Villa dei Mulini, an ancient Medici villa refurbished and redesigned by Napoleon is one of the best examples.

Mines and ancient jobs

Minerals are one of the treasures in Elba. Here you find iron, and its mines are renowned. A visit to the Calamita mines in Capoliveri is strongly recommended. The history of these mines goes back thousands of years, from the Etruscan-era to 1980, when they were closed. Also a descent down into the Ginevro mine is a must: It is the only underground mine on the island that is still accessible.

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