How do you get to Elba Island

The fastest way to arrive in Elba is getting a ferry from Piombino Marittima.

There are 4 different shipping lines you can choose from:

  • Moby and Toremar: these two companies joined their forces a few years back in order to improve their offer for Elba residents and tourists. The Moby-branded ships connect Piombino Marittima to Portoferraio and Cavo, while Toremar sails from Piombino to Portoferraio, Cavo, and, in addition, Rio Marina. Estimated travel time to reach Elba island are 1 hour for Portoferraio, 30 minutes for Cavo and 45 minutes for Rio Marina. Please note: the Toremar ferry to Cavo might not be able to carry your car. There are two kind of ferries for the same shipping line, the cheapest do not allow car on it even if it is more frequent. 
  • Blu Navy: Blue Navy ships connect Piombino to Portoferraio and usually operates from April to October. Estimated travel time to reach Portoferraio is 1 hour.
  • Corsica Sardinia Ferries: Elba ferries by Corsica Sardinia Ferries operate from June to September, offering up to 13 daily crossings from Piombino to Portoferraio. Estimated travel time to reach Elba island is in 45 minutes and you can bring your car inside this ferry.

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