Elba Island Italy Ferry

Elba Island Italy Ferry

We know that traveling to Elba might be tricky. Planes, buses, taxis and even walking hours are parts of the experience. Not even mention the ferry boat!

But let’s focus on the last one — your trip to Elba Island must pass through the ferry boat (unless you get the plane, but this is an expensive solution). 

Where to get the ferry boat Elba island Italy

You need to reach “Piombino Marittima”, the final destination of all trains from the countryside to the coast. Once you are in Piombino Marittima you can see a big building (two floor high) where you can get your ticket and ask for information if you need. There you can also find bars and a pretty expensive place where to eat some pizza.  

How long is the ferry to Elba?

This is a good question since there are different companies as we mentioned here. It might take 30 minutes or 35 minute to one and a half hours, it depends on which ferry company you pick. Please note that this is true only during summer. During non summer period (October-May) there are only two companies running the business both will take you to the other side in an hour! 

Where to park your car if you want to get to Elba Island Italy Ferry

If you choose to travel by car but you prefer to enjoy Elba island without it you can leave your car in Piombino Marittima. There are different parking slots, pretty expensive (8  for each day) but it is the safest place to leave your car. If you do not want to spend money you can also park your car outside, there are a couple of free parking slots right outside the harbour area at 10 minutes walking from it. But we suggest you bring your vehicle 🙂 

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