Do you need a car on Elba Island?

Well it depends on you. We already talked about the reasons why you should visit Elba island and you know bring a car with you it is really up to you. 

Three reasons why you need a car on Elba:

  1. Travel twice. Elba is a place full of marvellous tiny spots, find your own travelling around the island by car
  2. Public transportation is not top notch and you can be disappointed. Few busses during low season time and crowded ones when it’s summer. Your car would be definitely your best solution 
  3. Your car your schedule. Feel free to move around the island it is something you will appreciate 🙂
Pic by 500% “Team 500 % Elbano ” Isola D’Elba

Three reasons why you do NOT need a car on Elba:

  1. It is expensive. If you can rent one on the island instead it would be better
  2. Parking slots. Park your car might be tricky
  3. Busses. During summer season you have a good choice of busses, but please note number 2 above

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