Are you looking for an ideal escape in Italy? Check these small villages in Tuscany

small villages Italy Tuscany Elba island

There are several small villages in Italy to visit. This is ur top 6 villages to visit if you are heading to Tuscany 🙂


You might know Cortona thank to “Under the Tuscan Sun” movie. This Small village in Italy it is already famous for being at the heart of the area.

Here you can walk inside sunflower crops, at you side while driving through the street that link Cortona to Florence.

And do not forget to join the “Cortona On The Move” photo festival!


This is another Small village in Italy you must visit. It will brings you right inside a mediaeval surroundings where you can catch a glimpse of typical italian way of life. Get ready for small markets, small shops, (very!) small streets but tons of smiles 🙂

Hint: it is close to the sea (17 kilometres, 10,5 miles) so you can also approach the Tuscan coast!

San Sepolcro

With San Sepolcro we bring you inside Tuscany, close to Arezzo (you might heard about it on “Life is Beautiful” movie) this is a “classic” one between small villages in Italy due to its streets and its surroundings.

Hills, fresh air and quiet are keywords for this visit. Please take a couple of hours to visit Aboca Museum. Where you can find history and science behind a natural-centered pharmaceutical company.

Pic by Aboca Museum on Facebook

We can’t forget the place where we come from: Elba island. So here we are: three small villages in Italy you can visit here in Elba.


If you love being surrounded by the nature this might be your place. Even if this village is a crowded choice during summer, it could be your favourite corner during September or even October.

Thanks to its small streets, its shops and its chill weather Capoliveri it’s our first recommendation for you.

Elba Island Italy Day Trip
A street in Capoliveri

Marciana Marina

Right in front of the sea this is a muse see village in Tuscany and maybe in Italy. In its homeland it is famous thanks to a national tv shows called “I Delitti del Barlume” (“Barlume’s killings”), where “Barlume” it is a name of a small bar.

The place it is famous in Elba for both its beaches and its cultural activities, but it also famous for its cuteness.

Small Villages Italy Marciana Marina
Marciana Marina Elba Island Italy


It is maybe one of the smallest villages in Italy (it has less than 2.000 habitants) it worth a visit if you want discover more about how locals live on the island. It is made by two areas: Rio Elba and Rio Marina (once two separate municipalities!) where you can find both mountains (Rio Elba) and beaches (Rio Marina, Cavo).

Cavo beach (15 minutes from Rio)

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